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WH Frost ups its Game to Cement Partnership with Catering Students

  • WH Frost ups its Game to Cement Partnership with Catering Students

Pictured above: WH Frost’s Lee Frost is pictured with a selection of game birds at the Trafford College catering students’ demonstration, then later showing off his cooking skills.

The Q Guild’s WH Frost Butchers in Chorlton-cum-Hardy continues to cement its business-education partnership with catering students from Trafford College in Altrincham.

The ground-breaking link-up was first put in place earlier this year when WH Frost and Q Guild corporate member, Hartshead Meats, teamed up, as the latter hosted a fact-finding visit to its abattoir and meat production facility in Mossley for the college students.

The initiative proved so successful that WH Frost’s Lee Frost was invited back to the college to give a game bird demonstration. An avid shooter himself and stalwart of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Lee was game to respond.

This, too, went down great guns. Trafford College’s Chef/Lecturer Hospitality, Paul Taylor, explained: “The demonstration came about as we follow Lee on Twitter and we also have supply of his meat products, as we believe that the students should work with the best produce from the local area.

“He talked about how he had been shooting and now was the time of year to see and taste game birds that had been shot in Cheshire. We thought this was a fantastic idea for the students to see some real-life game birds bagged by ‘the Man himself’ and for him to talk about the different species, shooting techniques, as well as taste these wonderful creatures.

“The demonstration started with a talk about the various different types of birds shot and their feeding habits, before moving on to correct plucking and dressing of the birds. The students learned all about the inner functions of the birds, too, with knowledge about the functionality of the gizzard and how the bird stored corn to be digested later.

“Lee then moved onto preparing and cooking the birds, talking about correct cooking techniques and ultimately ending in a tasting of the meat, which was phenomenal. The students asked lots of interesting questions and all felt it was a superb and unique learning opportunity. Some of them even managed to take a bird home to have a go at dressing and cooking themselves.”

WH Frost has been supplying Trafford College, which is held in high regard for its hospitality and catering courses, for the past two years.

Lee Frost said: “I was delighted to accept the invitation. It was only supposed to take half an hour or so. In the end, I was there for over two hours and was more than happy to pass on my knowledge and advice.

“What I am keenly aware of and what we should all remember as butchers is that students like these are our chefs of the future. Equipping them from a young age with as much understanding and knowledge as possible of the butchery sector is a vital learning curve and one that can be held aloft as a shining example of best business-education partnership practice. After all, some of them could also become our customers of the future!”

Lee added: “Some of the students have since visited the shop and taken away game birds, including pheasants and teal, to help further their education. We give away surplus birds from local shoots to our regular customers to prevent them going to waste.”

Q Guild manager Gordon Newlands said: “Yet again, Lee Frost and WH Frost Butchers are to be applauded for the hands-on way they are teaching the younger generation about the skills and craftsmanship of the meat industry. These are worthy lessons for us all.”


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