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Georgia, 21, goes from ‘Saturday job’ to full time butcher!

  • Georgia, 21, goes from ‘Saturday job’ to full time butcher!
  • Georgia, 21, goes from ‘Saturday job’ to full time butcher!
  • Georgia, 21, goes from ‘Saturday job’ to full time butcher!
  • Georgia, 21, goes from ‘Saturday job’ to full time butcher!
Local family-owned and run, Barker Bros butchers in Shelford, Cambridge supported Georgia, aged just 21, through her butchery apprenticeship after initially only working in the shop on a Saturday to earn some extra cash.Georgia began working at the shop in 2014 with no intention of developing a career in butchery, however she found herself inspired by the profession with her confidence growing day by day. Within a matter of months, she started to take on roles beyond her original role as a customer assistant, showing increasing interest in the practical and technical aspects of butchery.

In March 2017, she decided to cement her interest by taking on a formal apprenticeship through M.E.A.T training school and working towards a Level 2/Level 3 Certificate for Proficiency in Meat and Poultry Industry Skills and Functional Skills.

Georgia said, “I started at Barker Bros simply for the money! I needed a Saturday job, and the opportunity arose. However, once I had started, I realised that the job is really interesting and challenging. I wanted to learn more and the more I got involved, the more I realised it could be the job for me.

Describing the experience, Stuart said: “Whilst it is increasingly popular for people to shop in butchers, the profession itself has not developed the same popularity amongst younger people as a career choice. Maintaining a pipeline of young talent was a concern, however Georgia has restored some faith and shown that this is a job that can interest people of any age – enabling them to develop skills that are as relevant today as they have ever been.

“Georgia has shown an incredible aptitude for the role and it has been a pleasure to support her as she chose to professionalise them with a formal accreditation.

“I would be delighted to support more apprentices through the process, and hope that we can encourage a new generation of butchers and secure the future of Barker Bros.”

Georgia added “Stuart and the team have been so supportive as I’ve worked towards completing my training. I would recommend butchery to anyone my age!”

Barker Bros was founded in 1843 and has been in the family ever since. Its current proprietor, Stuart Barker, took over the running of the shop from his father, David Barker, in 2006.


Notes to editors
Based in Great Shelford, near Cambridge, Barker Bros is a traditional family-run butcher’s shop.
It has a strong heritage in providing the people of Cambridge with quality and fresh produce; local records show that butchery has been in the Barker family since as far back as 1843.

For information on Butchery Apprenticeships visit

www: Visit Barker Bros website for more information about the business

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